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Review After Watching


Oct 13, 2019

Anime. We get it.

Oct 11, 2019

Will Smith goes up against the only man who can defeat him...Ang Lee!

Hold on. No, Wait. Sorry. I mean...HIMSELF. There we go. Makes much more sense now.

Oct 7, 2019

We dig into DC and Warner Bros. latest rendition of the "clown prince of crime", and determine if all the hype surrounding it is justified

Sep 25, 2019

Our favorite PTSD Hero is back! Join us as we discuss his latest foray in the macabre, as we are joined by a fan of the show AND of the Rambo films. He will give us inside information and give you all the details on Stalone's latest film


Sep 24, 2019

Well...less of a "report" and more of an "argument"...but we discuss things. I guess. Kinda.